May 8, 2006


I know if you didn't go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (MSW, MDSW), you might not want to hear about it. feel free to skip this photo-heavy post* about The Adventures of a Monkey, a Fish, and Sweet Basil in a Fiber-Lover's Paradise if you're so inclined:

Update 5/11: Now with storyline!

Dancing Fish and I both had other commitments on Saturday night, so we woke up very early to drive down to Maryland. We talked Sweet Basil into meeting us there. We stood at the gates and were soooo excited. A quick call to Sweet Basil confirmed that we had about 20 minutes to snarf up some corn dogs before we became three.
Corn Dog Goodness

After meeting up with my favorite kim-chee yum-yum, we ran into some of these guys near the entrance. I am now trying to convince Rock Star that we need to adopt some to take on walks around the neighborhood with Barley.
Alpaca You Home With Me!

The tasty trio then headed to see the vendors, VENdors, VENDORS! - truly wolves in sheep's clothing, if you know what I mean.

We met some crazy hookers named Mary and Kunni from Forestheart Studio in Woodsboro, MD. These women are a HOOT and I will be ordering my first rug hooking project from Mary as soon as I become gainfully employed. It's a rabbit in a garden, but she doesn't have it up on the web yet.

We stopped by the Hunt Country Yarns booth, where I bought a skein of Mango Moon recycled rayon (viscose). No project in mind, I just liked it.

Dancing Fish picked up some beautiful stuff at the Seaport Yarn booth, where Susan was a very helpful enabler. You can hop on over to DF's site if you want to see what she's going to make with it. I don't want to steal her thunder, but it's gonna be bee-you-tee-full.
Dancing Fish Falls in Love

We only got through about half of the main exhibition hall before we tuckered ourselves out enough for a little break.
Soaking up some sun

I tried to get an action shot of my new yarn, but my camera focus isn't as fast as the Moon.
Flying Yarn

Here's a better shot of its colorway. It's called 'Dawn' but I call it 'Exploded Clown.'
Mango Moon Recycled Sarong

If you haven't noticed by now, I travel by my stomach. My all-time favorite fair food is Lemonade Shake-ups, though they seem to be called just lemonade out here in the mid-Atlantic. It's simple - 3-4 lemons squeezed into a cup filled with probably about 3 cups of sugar, crushed ice that tastes faintly of carny smoke, and a splash of water. Add a vigorous shake by a cute 16-year-old and you have one of the most refreshing. drinks. ever.

This was not one of those, despite my spending $5 ($FIVE!) of precious yarn money on it.
Bad Lemonade!  Bad!

Here are some loud and cute fiber animals. One very helpful Flickr community member told me that they are angora goats - not sheep as I originally thought (oops!).

We went to Sweet Basil's for an early dinner of grilled steak and corn, accompanied by beans and watermelon. Beverages were 'Big Fish' wine and 'Golden Monkey' beer. Yum! Thanks, D (and an exuberant, belated 'Happy Anniversary' to you both)!
Monkey Dinner

Sweet Basil gave me a TON of seedlings for our new garden. It was so generous and I'm so excited about them that they shall have their own post later.

We spread out our finds of the day, which included a delicious skein of Brooks Farm. A very friendly alumna from a certain TX liberal arts university that I attended sold me this bit of goodness. It was hard for me not to buy green, but I went with a shade that is more kind to my complexion because I'm finally making Clapotis, like Steph.
Clapotis, unconstructed

Lastly, what kind of obsessive maniac would I be if I didn't buy materials for spinning? Yes, I'm following the pack.
Dyed Locks
Our First Yarn

To say it was a beautiful day is an understatement. I even stayed within my budget. How sexy is that?!

* as usual, some of the photos are blurry because I've sacrificed clarity for true color.


Blogger jennysbelly said...

Looks like such a fun time and the prairie tunic looks great!

Blogger Chris said...

Oh, it looks like it was fun fun fun fun.

Blogger MeBeth said...

It looks like a great time - and delicious too!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So. Jealous.

Thanks for letting me live vicariously...

Blogger carrie said...

oh man, did you go saturday? and we missed each other? i would have recognized that tunic anywhere.

Blogger Ashley said...

Ok, so I'm appropriately jealous of al the fiber, but is it too sad that what i focused on in those pictures was the corndog, the industrial-sized Auntie Ann's lemonade and the brisket?

Blogger Jaichan said...

pretty pretty yarn. and corn dogs! i've never had a corn dog, but they've always fascinated me.

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

WOW! looks like you guys had a great time... oh and i love fresh baked pretzels too :) umm yum!

Blogger Steph said...

"and I'm finally making Clapotis, like Steph..."

Like me? Am I the Steph you're talkin' 'bout?

Heh... I'm on ball #2. One should never, ever only take one ball of the Clapper yarn with them on a business trip that involves a total of 8 hours driving time. Just a word for the wise!

Looks like you had fun, despite my predictions that you would all melt in the heat. But $5 drinks? and it wasn't Starbucks? WTF?

Blogger carrie said...

i missed out on the overpriced lemonade. and you really helped me -- i loved a yarn at one of the booths and i'm kicking myself that i didn't buy it. but from your pic, i think it was seaport yarns, and that's in new york. so maybe i can find it there!

Blogger janna said...

Is that Brooks Farm Duet? I've got a skein of that, too, in shades of red, waiting to be made into a Clapotis (my second - the first out of bamboo. I love Brooks Farm yarn!


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