Jul 6, 2006

Amy Butler WIP

One of the best things about finally moving into our place is that I've been reunited with Stitch (my sewing machine) and all my fun fabric.

I am nearly finished with another Amy Butler sewing project. I still need to add the handle, clip some threads, and give it another good steam.



The problems with Stitch are a lot worse. Does anyone in the Chicago area know of a great place to take a basic Singer for a serious but inexpensive tune-up? I would greatly appreciate any advice you could offer.

PS- I just started an 'Amy Butler fans' group on Flickr. If you sew or are planning to sew with her fabrics or patterns, please join!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Amanda that is gorgeous!

Tom Waits is coming to Chicago for my birthday...would you want to go with me (that is, if it's humanly possible to get tickets)?


Blogger Chris said...

You are so talented in so many areas! What a cool bag.

Blogger janna said...

So cute!!! All of you sewers (uh -- as in "you who sew," not troughs that waste water runs through) make me wish I hadn't given my sewing machine to my mom when hers died!

Blogger Kathy said...

That bag is gorgeous! I'm very impressed. I haven't touched my sewing machine in about 5 years. It ticked me off and I sent it to the closet.

Blogger Jaichan said...

I love that bag. I love that material. I love your work. And I'm really jealous that you may get to see Tom Waits.

Blogger frog-o-phobic said...

Oooh, love that fabric!! So summery. As for the sewing machine - who knows? It ticks me off how hard it is to get anything repaired anymore. Someone gave me and old Dressmaker sewing machine (long story) that works fine, but I wanted to get it tuned up - when I took it to the shop, they were like, "oh, why would you want to do that? You should just get a new one." But a new one is silly when this one still works, duh! Also, those labels are adorable. Wherever did you get them? Must... have... personalized... labels... arrrrr...

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

ooh! i love it.. it ralyy is beautiful, and i am so glad you were reunited with your machine ;)

Blogger carrie said...

looks great. congrats on how great the move went and how wonderful your new neighbors are. you deserve it!

Blogger LotusKnits said...

wow that bag is so super cute!!

glad your new place is working out for you, and you had a nice 4th!


Blogger Ashley said...

This is random, but my sister bought my sewing machine (Xmas present) at a Vacuum Cleaner and Sewing Machine Repair Shop. Which there is more than one of in her (very small) town. So maybe you have one too? Worth a look through the yellow pages anyway.

Love the fabric combo on the bag--and WHERE did you get those labels? I can't find any I like online.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love that fabric - love the bag. I adore the Amy Butler fabrics I've been seeing on various sew blogs. I don't think I have seen her fabrics in Halifax (it generally sucks for crafting supplies in NS in my experience. We just got our first Michaels).


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