Feb 9, 2007

It's a Jarrett winter

I'm zeroing in on a defense date - this is why I've been largely missing from the whole cyberworld. I miss you! So I'm excited that things should calm down quite a bit after early April. Finishing this long dissertation process will be such a weight off my shoulders. I can't wait.

I'm in Fargo this week on business ('Fargo in February? Really? We're *really* going to do this??') and I think this is the coldest real temperature I've seen in my life. I know you Minnesota and Canadian gals are used to this so that's all I'm going to say about that.

Chicago was painfully beautiful at the end of last week, at the start of our cold snap.

A little stream near my house in the process of freezing

The Mart
The Merchandise Mart right before Superbowl weekend. I've gotta admit, I'm happy for the Colts. Deep inside, I'm still an Indiana gal.

In knitting news, I'm working on Jarrett from Vintage Style. It's for Rock Star. It's out of Plymouth Tweed. I had to sub out Rowan because it's discontinued. I really like how this tweed in knitting up - it's making a beautiful brown fabric on US6 needles.

And it's perfect for a chilly professor.

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Blogger Ashley said...

Are you coming back? Does this mean you're coming back? I miss you! Yay defense date!

Blogger Ashley said...

PS Jarrett wiil look great on Rock Star.

Blogger Chris said...

Yeah, it's flippin' excessively cold. *shivers* Cool about the defense!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Defense!? That's fantastic!

Love the Jarrett. In fact I love most of the stuff in Vintage Style.

Fargo? That is a serious level of cold. Mr Moe applied for a research engineer position there pre-phd for the heck of it. They called him for an interview. We decided to decline.

Blogger knittingphilistine said...

Defense date? Aren't those just a big myth? ;o) (I want one of those, but apparently, I have to have a completed PhD first... darn those details!)

And I'm all thumbs up for Jarrett - there really isn't enough of those out in the knitting world.


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