Oct 8, 2006

Hey, Hive Mind!

How do you get bike grease out of dog hair? Assuming - hypothetically, of course - that rubbing alcohol and a natural yummy soap have already been tried.


Blogger Ashley said...

< emerging briefly from mountains of work> There's that stuff Goo Gone--and failing that, scissors? Poor Barley.
< /hiding again >

ps yay diss draft!

Anonymous Kathy said...

Ashley beat me to it: I was going to suggest Goo Gone, too!

Have you tried Dawn dish soap?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I would try dish soap if you haven't. If that fails you can get this stuff.



Anonymous Greg P. said...

Poor Barley!

Miss you lots. :)


Blogger Chris said...

Poor puppy!

Blogger MeBeth said...

Is bike grease one of those things that you can remove with mayonnaise? You might want to try that out on a test swatch before coating Barley with mayo, because I may have no idea what I'm talking about!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I mailed your Funky Scarf today! I forgot to label it for washing, so I'll just tell you here. It's cotton/rayon and bamboo, so it's hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.
Hope you like it!!
-FSS pal

Anonymous tanya said...

What about Simple Green? That stuff's intended for garage use, and it's fairly benign. I use lighter fluid for all things sticky, but not sure that'd be the thing for greasy.... Good luck! Well, you've probably solved it by now anyway.

Anonymous shula said...

I'd consider eucalyptus oil, a very small amount.

The dog's gonna hate it's guts, of course.

But he'll have the clearest sinuses for miles.


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