Dec 16, 2006

Random MIssives

Dear night crew at the Evanston PetsHotel:

Thank you for staying open 15 minutes late in what I know is a busy holiday season and what is probably an underpaid and underappreciated position to give me my two sweet beasts last night when my flight was late from San Francisco.

You rock.


Dear Metra conductor on today's 9:26 train:

Thank you for holding the train when you heard my stomping feet and pathetic voice begging you to hold the doors for me when I was already late to work. I apologize, but, my sad little pets were all crowded on me this morning after I was away for a few days at a conference. I'm so happy you understand and gave me a break today.

You are not only nice, but you're also kinda cute.


Dear Santa,

I have been so very good this year.

My dissertation is nearly finished, plans are underway to finally make Rock Star an honest man, this is my 200th post, and I got a new job (which I quite like but am not going to talk about here all in public 'n stuff...)!

Sometimes, though, I feel a little too grown-up, so here's what I want for Christmas (in no particular order):
* Fireworks
* Some flavored vodka to make these
* Solar panels for our house
* Clove cigarettes to remind me of my misspent youth
* A chance to go back to Tibet before the Chinese government completely and forever really fucks it up by building roads all over it
* Kenner and Tomy to make big comebacks and make updated &/retro Glamour Gals and Fashion Plates
* All my loved ones to live within an hour's travel of my house
* World peace
* A case each of Numi Smokey Tarry and Monkey King teas
* A Futuro
* Alpacas and chickens (live, please)
* This class at the Evanston Art Center.

Thanks, Santa! Keep on rockin' the North Pole...

Love, amandamonkey


Blogger Ashley said...

Late to work, eh? Talk about it to me! In private! (Well, that sounds vaguely dirty. but you know what I mean.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy Cow- Michael Jackson teaches your art class!

Blogger janna said...

Hey! Welcome back! And I'm glad you've got a job you like - I'm looking for one of those myself.....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there - welcome back!

Almost done the diss! Me, not so much (still having model constant issues - trying to make things defensible - sigh).

Good to hear about people being nice. Seems to be a rare commodity these days.

I would like one of those martinis too, please.

Blogger Chris said...

Wow!! Lots of wonderful things going on - yay!!!

Yeah, that pet snuggling business is rough - I've been late a few times because of it!

Blogger MeBeth said...

Congratulations on the new job! And it's amazing how a conductor holding a train can make a difference in your whole day - I love it when that happens.

Anonymous Amanda said...

Oh my god - I HAD Fashion Plats - I had completely forgotten about them until your post - they were pretty awesome! Thanks for the flashback, I'm definitely going to have to poke around my parent's house and see if those sassy 70's gal plates are still around!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was fun eating all your cookie dough, I mean, making cookies with you! I hope you and Rock Star are still up for hanging out New Year's Eve.

Let me know if you sign up for that Evanston Art Center class.




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