Aug 22, 2006

Letter to a Bike

Dear June,

I am sorry I called you a fat bitch the other day when I was trying to wrestle you into the garage. In hindsight, it's clear that it was my fault for failing to clear a path for you and for leaving your dedicated garage door opener somewhere in the house. Again, I'm sorry.

What I meant to say was that I am so very happy that your big bones are so strong and made of steel so you could bring these home from the library:

June Booty

Love, amandamonkey


Blogger Chris said...

What could be better than biking to the library to get knitting books?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a good way to spend the day.

Oh, and June, I think you are beautiful just the way you are and if amandamonkey can't see that...well, lets just say there could be some streamers in it for you if you ever wanted to emmigrate to Canada :)

Blogger DancingFish said...

You are too funny.

Anonymous Funky Pal said...

Gorgeous bike!

I have a question... Why is it Amanda MONKEY? Do you like monkeys?
And, for your scarf... how long is long? 7ft? 8? more? I'm short, so 7' is long on me...
Also, I picked a yarn for your scarf yesterday! I might pick another to go with it... or 17 more, I'm not sayin'. =)
One more question: What other crafts do you do, if any? Thanks!!!

Blogger Jaichan said...

June is lovely. I love the library. I had a bike I loved, until I had that bike accident you're supposed to have when you were 10... except I had it when I was 28.
The scars still itch.

Blogger Ashley said...

Heh--I'm with Moe. You and June have a real falling out, well, let's just say that Grand Rapids is LOTS closer than Canadia.

Blogger MeBeth said...

I love your bike! I wish I had a basket on mine, but it might look funny on a mountain bike (right, I really need a mountain bike for those hills in Central Park). I also love the library. If I were musically inclined I would write a ballad about my love for the library.

Blogger frog-o-phobic said...

Love the bike!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

June is lovely, I'm glad you apologized ;)

I went to the library this weekend! I am going to try and go more often instead of feeding the corporate machine at Barnes and Nob


Blogger Nik said...

i'm in love with the bike too ;)

Blogger Kristy said...

I am 110% positive your bike forgives you and appreciates the opportunity to carry such spectacular books! :)

Blogger RheLynn said...

Nice library finds! Definitely leave a place for June to rest after that haul!

Blogger Dani said...

Those are some great books! The Debbie Bliss one is just so cute :) I'm glad you got a chance to meet Ashley.. she seems like a rock'in gal and I'm sure I would love her too! Miss yoU!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you haven't heard from you in a while. Hope everything is going OK.




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