Aug 15, 2007

Overheard in Evanston

RS: look at this blueprint! Even if you're standing *here*, you can't even look out the window! PLUS, they took actual LIMESTONE and scored it to LOOK LIKE CEMENT!

AM: Ugh. That's just another data point proving that stuff from the '60s was crap.

RS: Hey! I'm a product of the 60's!

RS: Did you set the timer for the pizza?

AM: Of course I did. I've been drinking.

RS: In the future, you can use this pan with holes to cook the pizza.

AM: Bite me.


Blogger Chris said...

Wild times. ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I make sure to set the timer when I've been drinking, too. Which is most of the time.

Blogger carrie said...

you are too much.


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