Mar 3, 2007

I got my first Rockin' Sock Club shipment!


So as not to spoil it for anyone who still hasn't received their first Rockin' Sock Club shipment, I will distract you with dog-in-snow photos that I took back in December but which I will pretend were taken this week:

This is some goooooooood stick!

...but WHY can't I be with YOU?
...but why can't I be with you???

Okay, you've probably seen this on lots of other kintters' blogs, but I LOVE this first colorway! It's called 'Monsoon' and I think the photo pretty well reflects the depth of color, which ranges from greens to purples. I can't wait to cast on!

Rockin' Sock Club 2007 - 1st Shipment!


Blogger Jaichan said...

The dog. The yarn. Both so lovely!

Blogger Chris said...

ARGH! Now, why wasn't that one of the colors when I was in the club??????????????? Most of the colors from the last "session" seemed to be colors that were not production worthy...

Blogger Carrie said...

Why in the world didn't I join the club??
Great stick pic!

Anonymous Sarah said...

Damn you amandamonkey! (Can you tell I havent gotten my yarn yet...I am jealous!)

CUTE dog pics.

Blogger Knitopia said...

How I wish I had the money for the sock club! I can't wait to see this knit up. Cute pooch, too!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yuck mouth - you have the best paws. Sophie would agree, that is a great stick.

Woo - very nice yarn - LOVE the colours...

Blogger MeBeth said...

Lovely yarn - but my favorite is the sad-face-outside-the-door shot, awwww.

Blogger Ashley said...

That is a great color--but not as great as Barley paws.

Blogger RheLynn said...

Dog paws in snow! What a pitiful 'come play with me' look they're giving you there.

Pretty yarn... need to get some more sock needles soon :)

Blogger carrie said...

that color is perfect. looks like so much fun. (and your quilt fabric down below is great!)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh boy, your dog is cute :) loving the 'paw in snow' theme.

super jealous of your gorgeous sock yarn, the colours are sublime.

Sir Knitsalot x


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