Jul 26, 2007


My self-portrait sock photos always remind me of the self-conscious, grainy webcam photos on the internets of certain men I've ::cough:: heard about - off center, with the dirty room behind them.

Try 1


Yarn: Socks That Rock in 'Monsoon.' I had a little ball of yarn left (~1.5" in diameter) from the one skein that came with the shipment.
Pattern: 'Inside Out' (first Rockin' Sock Club pattern for 2007)
Needles: US1 DP aluminums
Recipient: Me. I feel weird asking my family members if I can measure their feet.
Thoughts: I'm not crazy about the pooling. I like the zigzaggy sock as much as the stripey sock. I just wish they weren't mates of the same pair.
Mods: You know I haven't been blogging much this year, so I didn't see ALL the posts that mentioned the inflexibility of the cabling. I didn't find out until I was in the middle of South Dakota on our honeymoon.*


I frogged back to the heel and modified the cabling pattern so that only one cable on the outside of the left sock 'travels' from the middle of the sock to one repeat frontside, back to the middle, then one repeat to the back, etc., ending with a middle cable. I reversed the pattern and cable on the right foot.


They will be perfect for wearing tonight while I wait for the storms to come through.

* I get desparately car sick. I cannot say enough good things about these motion sickness bands making our road trip honeymoon fun and relaxed.

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Blogger Chris said...

Thanks for the link! I bookmarked that - I get really carsick, too. No knitting or reading for me, even in the front seat. And riding in the back seat is right out.

The socks look great! But yeah, I can see what you mean about wanting them to be a bit more "pair like."

Blogger Ashley said...

LOVE the upside-down shot. So charming. And I'm still all like ".....honeymoon?"

But South Dakota? Awesome choice. Did you go for the rocks?

Blogger pamela wynne said...

Oh, that upside down shot looks familiar! :)
& thanks SO much for the carsickness link.

Blogger Steph said...

erm - you could measure your family members forearms (wrist to elbow)... unless you don't really want to knit socks for them.

My sock photos always suck.


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