Aug 28, 2005

good signs

Yesterday I saw Rock Star's new office for the first time and it had one of those old-school relief maps in it. Here's my study area:


See that rumply area at the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau? That's where I work.

In another auspicious sign, I saw this at the local farmer's market:

Amanda Orange

I didn't even know there was a tomato with my name, and an heirloom variety to boot!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the pup pictures - yuck mouth reminds me of the sophster (who we call stinky butt). I wish there was a dog beach around here - although she is not trustworthy enough for off-leash yet, and is still a little afraid of swimming.

You work in Tibet?! Doing what? Sounds glamourous (well, as glamourous as research gets I suppose, ha ha).

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

very cool map!!!! amanda tomato! wish they had a "catherine" kind:)

Anonymous Aubrey said...

Nice Map... haven't seen one in person. a fruit named after you? that's cool.


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