Oct 14, 2005

Enough Paparazzi

The worst part about making a surprise gift for Rock Star is that I can't post the in-progress photos, and boy are they good. You're really missing out.

So here's a photo of Tikka Masala helping me knit:


...and here he is about 20 shots later:

Enough Paparazzi

I've been having a really tough week with my disseration. The problems are unfortunately internal, not external, and I continue to doubt every move I make, extending to my outside-grad-school world, what little of it there is.

This helps (a little):

Gold Star

It was given to me this morning by one of my friends here. I highly recommend everyone put a gold star on their computer monitor.

I also recommend having a stitch-and-bitch with the likes of Dancing Fish and Hamster-grrl. Which I am going to do. Tonight. Even though my roof is leaking and I haven't vacuumed the carpet. Maybe I'll even pop in the DVD of Gumbasia that I got for $1 at the Large Mart that I detest because I grew up in an area whose local towns were devastated by it but that I sometimes get sucked into anyway. If only SweetBasil, Dani, and Blogless Miss Molly were here too!

Hope y'uns have a good weekend.


Blogger amandamonkey said...

I'm having so many problems with my disserTATION that I can't even seem to spell it. I was just going to edit it out but have instead left it in for historical accuracy.

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

very cute pictures of the kitty!!!i can't wait to see rock star's gift!!!! I hate going to large mart too, but when they have diapers a whole 3 dollars cheaper ya gotta cave once in awhile!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grad school is funny thing isn't it? I mean, we're there to become more knowledgeable, confident, blah blah. Instead the end result is usually a person with a reduced sense of perspective, a disconnection with the real world, with debilitating fear of failure and a general lack of confidence in our own opinion. Believe me you are not alone.

Oh, and *when are they going to find out I'm a hack and don't belong here?* - you'd be surprised how many people feel that way.

Anonymous Sweetbasil said...

Hang in there Amanda! You will be very happy to finish all these stuffs and be in the real world. I am glad that you had a stitch-n-bitch! I wish I was there to knit and drink with you.


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