Oct 12, 2005

Weekend Update

Aren't I so blog-a-licious today?

Anyway, just wanted to post about my (too short) visit to see Rock Star in Chicago this weekend. I ended up taking a different flight than I'd earlier planned, which involved a layover in Detroit. So I was in the Allentown 'international' airport at my gate, whose sign stubbornly insisted that a flight to Boston was leaving from there. I was pacing around, anxious to move on from the luxe waiting accommodations when I glanced over and saw a bottle-cap-embellished cowboy hat and I knew that I would be sharing a flight with Mr. Imagination!

If you don't know, he's a self-taught artist who moved from Chicago to Bethlehem, PA about 4 years ago. I've admired his work for a while now, so I told him so. We ended up having a really great conversation on the first leg of my flight, and his favorite friend I, Junior sat next to me for the flight. He's a really interesting, intelligent guy and I'm really glad I had the opportunity to hang out with him. Here's a photo of him with I, Junior:


If you're in the Baltimore area - or planning to be - consider checking out the American Visionary Art Museum's Race Class Gender (doesn't equal) Character. It's open through early September of next year, and some of his work is in the show. I'm hoping to go sometime this fall (SweetBasil, are you in?!).

And here's a glimpse of the domestic bliss I'm missing as I try to finish this dissertation. Rock Star is making pesto in our crap-tastic kitchen and you may notice the dog butt in the lower right corner.


That, combined with all the Amy and half-price mojito bliss from the Mambo Grill, is what awaits me on the other side.


Okay, I'll leave you alone now.


Anonymous Sweetbasil said...

I am in, I am In! Just let me know when!!

Blogger DancingFish said...

hey there! sounds like your weekend was great! I can't wait for Branching Out to start (your yarn looks fantastic) and see you soon (miss you!).

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

really a small worls to run into a person you admire! and to get the chance to tell them so!!!!


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