Oct 17, 2005

On Being a Graduate Student...

This is not my work, but it's so funny. A graduate student in my department took real images from ready.gov and, uh, tweaked the captions a little:

Thanks for the support, everyone. Unfortunately, I think that this blog will be peppered with little whines and uncertainties for the next few months even if I've discovered PhinsheD since my last post.


Blogger Ashley said...

It probably does not help to point out that this looks suspiciously similar to the life of a junior faculty member... But then, you (if I remember correctly) are wise enough to be looking for a career in the real world, instead.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

bwha ha ha ha. Brilliant. That pretty much perfectly captures my phd experiences. Particularly step 9.

Blogger amandamonkey said...

Ah yes, Ashley, I think the fun never ends... And Moe, I've been stuck at Step 9 for a while myself.

Blogger Nik said...

this is funny. i want to copy it and sent it to some of the current post-docs in my department. I'm sure they can relate.


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