Nov 23, 2005

Reason #1,023 why I love my friends

So I have this friend I'll call The Lady Miss Blogless. She is super keen. She is very talented at finding pornographic rocks in the field. Unfortunately she now lives too far away and I miss her a lot. I emailed her today asking if she is going to a meeting associated with a conference that we'll be attending soon. Here is her reply:

I'll sign up for the whole shebang but will bail out if it's getting ugly. If you go with me, we can glare at people over our pizza slices.

I miss her so much that eating crap pizza with a bunch of people we don't like sounds like heaven.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovie, I just got updated on your blog. Firstly, you've (almost) sold your house! Brilliant. I too am delighted your house will be filled with people that might appreciate your excellent colo(u)r schemes.
Secondly, you are so so so talented I just can't believe. Your stitchings and knittings are absolutely beautiful.
See you in the Tonga room.
love, Lady Miss Blogless.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been out the loop for about a week and not caught up on blog reading...
1. LOVE your branching out, so gorgeous
2. That's great that a family is buying your house, and will truely appreciate it.
3. Your conference comment made me laugh! SO true.

Blogger Stephanie said...

Hi there - yes it is an outcrop, and yes I am a geologist (as is my husband). You must be or hang around one of us to know that...

(My word verification is pttdork. It's so fitting I had to mention it.)

Blogger Dani said...

Aww. That is so sweet. I wish I could attend your conference too :) I need to read back on your blog and find out about all the recent goodies :) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous elisa said...

The conference I just went to turned out to be more of a "fun with wendy" kind of time than an "oh my goodness, I can't believe how much I learned" kind of time. It was awesome.

Have a great time at your conference! :)

Blogger Tosh said...

The best friends are those that will make fun of other people with you! It is always great to have them around. Someone once said,"If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit next to me!"

Thanks for the compliment on the fingerless gloves. Would you believe I left them at my mother's house over Thanksgiving. She's already comandeered them! Oh well, gives me an excuse to make another pair.


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