May 13, 2006

A Breath of Fresh Air

I brought some of the seedlings that Sweet Basil gave me last weekend in to work with me today. They need a place to squat that is sunnier than my crackhouse while I'm finishing up my third chapter over the next couple of weeks.
Seedlings from Sweet Basil

I keep forgetting that there is a woefully underused greenhouse in my building. Thus, I always feel a sense of discovery when I do make it into the space.

A Lovely Hideaway on a Rainy Day

You have to walk through a narrow hall to access it. The greenhouse is a solid structure, probably 100 years old. It's a beautiful utilitarian space with all sorts of pipes for delivering heat and water and wheels and levers for opening windows. No one is here today. Between the emptiness, the rain, the greenhouse hardware, and the quirky staircase, I feel like I'm in a Tim Burton landscape.

Wheels and Levers

One of my favorite memories in this building is hanging out in the greenhouse with Sweet Basil, harassing her tomato seedlings to simulate wind so they would grow up big and strong.

Rain helps seedlings grow up big and strong, too.

Rainy May


Blogger janna said...

That greenhouse is so cool! I love things like that - old and sort of forgotten. And I laughed at the image of you blowing on tomato seedlings!

Blogger RheLynn said...

That is an awesome greenhouse -- I couldn't believe (at first) that you weren't joking -- that is in your building????

I worked at a greenhouse in high school and college, an experiment station greenhouse actually.. and that pic brings back good memories :o)

Grow strong little seedlings!

Blogger Chris said...

Hmm, and how did you harass those seedlings? Call them bad names? ;)

Blogger Ashley said...

I love that forlorn little maple seed pod. We had that same weather today--I feel its pain.

I wish Tim Burton would make a movie in a greenhouse, starring Johnny Depp as some kind of mad genius gardener of course.


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