Jul 28, 2006

Clean Machine

The spare room was really getting me down all summer. We basically threw everything in it and shut the door.
Princess Room Before
This is just a small sample of how horrible it was.

I decided to 'get medieval' on its ass.
Clean Machine

I traded the desk and the dining room table, which we were looking to replace anyway. It is much much bigger - perfect for computing and crafting. Hey, it's big enough to do both at the same time!
Princess Room, Clean (sort of)

See that sewing machine to the left? No? It's masquerading as a printer stand. It's Allegra's. She gave it to me when she moved to a smaller place. I love it, and I will tell you why at another time.

The room was pink, suitable for princesses when we moved in. We hate it. We are talking about painting it chocolate. I'm hoping we can incorporate my latest purchase into the design scheme.

Future of Princess Room?

It is the new Belle by Amy Butler, in Sun Glow. I totally used my babysitting money to get it.

Now please excuse me. I have to go and pet it a little more.


Blogger Chris said...

Hmm, I think I recognize this phase of writing. I sort of miss it, since my place has never been as clean as when I was writing my thesis!

Blogger Ashley said...

Heh--I too am very familiar with this avoidance technique. Still works too--Papers? how can I grade papers when my living room is a mess?

What are the little quilty things over the backs of the chairs? And what is the Amy butler going to become? SUCH yummy colors in there.


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