Jul 28, 2006

More Corn and Bred

I was trying to write, really I was, but giddiness over Rock Star's impending return and the realization that if I finish writing, I have to go back - combined with a still disorganized house and wireless internet - was too much for me to deal with.

So I packed up the furkids and drove to my parents' place in Indiana: The Land of Dial-up, Sunshine, Good Food, and Good Company. It also helped that some dear friends were in town and it was 4-H Fair Week. 'Cos y'all know that, even though I was punk rock 'n stuff in high school, I was still a 10-year 4-H member. And ran for Fair Queen. Word.

The 4-H and Open Class exhibit buildings were full of lots of great projects. Being Indiana, there were some big beautiful corn specimens.
Grand Champions

Although Cake Decorating had some professional-level projects...
Big, Beautiful Cakes

...this little cake stole my heart.
The Cake the Speaks to my Heart

Despite some hidden Knox County talent, I'm so sick at how few textile projects there were that I can't even talk about it. I mean a pair of elastic waistband pants WON THE OPEN CLASS GRAND CHAMPION!

Moving on.

After K and yours truly - the snarky hometown girl - finished rejudging all the exhibits, we were famished and stopped by the Pork Producers' booth for some food, but it was already CLOSED!
Pork Producers

So we stopped by the Sandborn Lion's Club booth for some pizza from Jim and Amy's in Bicknell - quite possibly the most perfect piece of pie you will ever get. Mine was loaded with pork, of course.

Jim and Amy's Pizza

Then it was off to the animal barns. We ran into a kid that I babysat when I was a kid. He is now t w e n t y and his younger sister was a candidate for Fair Queen.

So the Circle of Life continues.


PS - I just returned to cable-fast-modem. And Rock Star is coming home Sunday morning. So I probably won't catch up with you for a little while. But I hope you're all well.


Blogger Chris said...

Rejudging is the best part of a fair! Thanks for giving me the flashback. I was in 4-H, too... Showing sheep was NOT FUN.

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

4 H fair! i loved that when i was younger! i was in 4 H for 3 yrs and loved every moment of it... then we moved and it really wasn't "big" so i lost touch..... Goin' back to the roots! thats where it's happenin' ;)mmm that pizza looks GOOD! PS i love my punk too...

Blogger jennysbelly said...

Sounds like a nice little getaway. I remember 4H fairs when I was little (yes they exist in parts of NJ!), before we moved more to a NYC suburb. HAve fun with Rock Star!

Blogger Ashley said...

4-H is so punk rock.

Blogger DancingFish said...

Welcome back to the newly cleaner home and a BIG welcome back to Rock Star!

Blogger RheLynn said...

Ahh the fair! Yours looks like the one we visited here last year, nothing compared to the one back home in Minnesota - which spoiled me badly. I agree with the textile exhibits - most of the time it is beautiful quilts and simple projects, with very little substance in between!

Heh, and I didn't know Chris showed sheep at the 4-H!

Blogger janna said...

Fairs!!! I'm going home to Illinois during the State Fair next month. I haven't been in years, and I can't wait! (And oddly enough, I wasn't 4-H, although my brother and sister both were.)

Welcome home, Rock Start!

Blogger Jaichan said...

Looks like heaps of fun! My parents used to take my sisters and I to the county exhibition every year for our dose of non-city life.
Elastic waistband? The horror.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

4-H is awesome (I'm back working in agriculture right now). I wasn't really aware of it growing up as a townie, but my sister joined. I remember she used to be quite the successful competitor at cake decorating and crafting. Her quilt/crochet/sewing would have kicked elastic waistband ass.

I wish I could join 4-H now. I'm pretty short, perhaps I could pass myself off as a pre-teen. No? I so want to show livestock.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is your Funky Scarf Swap scarf-maker. Please do post the answers to the questionnaire soon! I'm leaving on vacation on Thursday and was hoping to make your scarf while I'm gone. =)

Blogger frog-o-phobic said...

Har... I am just catching up on my regular reads, but I ADORE the pic with the ski goggles! That is too funny!!


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