Feb 20, 2007

The Slog

Jarrett is moving along.
Jarrett detail
I actually finished the back and most of the left front before I realized that Europeans wear their sweaters tighter than do Rock Stars. So I ripped it out to make a larger size. Fortunately, I have enough time on the train to make significant progress on it without even really trying.

I hope to finish it for Rock Star before June.

I saw the saddest sight the other day downtown as I walked from the train station to work. The surface of the river had frozen and the ice was covered with snow. In the snow was a track of paw prints that led to the middle of the river - and to a hole where the intrepid critter must have slipped to its death in the frozen sludge.

That's my life lately, mostly, silently noting winter's victims as I walk to work and back. At night I come home and cook myself in front of the fire.
Hot Grate

Last night I broke out of frying my brains long enough to join the knitting ladies at The Buzz Cafe in Oak Park. Blogless Amy finished her first scarf, ever!
Amy's First Scarf!
Isn't it gorgeous????

Winter Lingers

I crave green growing things.


Blogger Chris said...

I'm with ya on the green growing things. The house plants just aren't cutting it.

Blogger Ashley said...

OK, I was already feeling very pissed off and surly about my week, but that little dead critter story just about makes me want to go back to bed and stay there until Saturday. so. sad.

Blogger Ashley said...

PS put some grass seed in a pot with some dirt. It'll grow and you can put it in the pet food. Bailey loves it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good idea Ashley!

So depressing, this weather.

Blogger MeBeth said...

Maybe it was a polar bear? Or a seal? Or some other ice/cold water friendly creature? (I know these are not plausible, I'm just trying to cheer myself up over here.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell Amy I'm very proud of her for finishing a scarf. That is so awesome!

xo, Beth


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