Feb 25, 2007

wouldn't my parallel universe look something like this?

My apologies if you've seen this already, but it is too wonderful not to share on an icy Sunday morning...

Thanks, Poppalina!


Blogger MeBeth said...

All I kept thinking was "how did they DO that??" (little strings?) I am easily impressed by the technology!

Blogger Ashley said...

That is SO charming. Poor old soviet button.

Stay safe--the ice just started hitting us too!

Anonymous sweetbasil said...

I am going through seed catalogs dreaming of spring, watching the snow fall outside. It's been snowing all day down here too.

The buttons are so cute. Thank you for sharing the animation!

Anonymous shula said...

The pleasure is all mine.

Nice to see people tripping on buttons as much as I do..

Blogger Anne said...

that is FANTASTIC. so cute!! I love the little rectangular striped one. Awwww.


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