Sep 19, 2005



Here's my button. If you want to post it, feel free to grab it from the left sidebar. Um, obviously I still haven't posted anyone else's on this blog yet (sorry about that).

I just dropped Rock Star off at the airport. There's too much traveling and too much time apart and too much to do before we're togetherforever. The wedding was beautiful, but there were lots of mosquitos so I'm also itchy.


At least my afghans for Afghans shipment is almost ready to go. Tomorrow little mittens and little socks and one little hat will be winging toward San Francisco.


Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

love your button! consider it stolen by me:)

Blogger Dani said...

Great button! I'll need to post that one next time I do updates! Ooh, the Tiki pattern is great.. I remember when you got those. That apron looks pefect :)

Hope you guys had a great time at the wedding...


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