Sep 13, 2005

Indiana Corn and Bred

Back Door View

Yep, I was gone again this weekend... I went home to see the folks and the old folks and the old dog and Rock Star was able to drive down from Chicago with Yuck Mouth. It was a great weekend with excellent food (thanks, Mom!).

While I was home, we went to the White River Valley Antique Association Show, described to me as the 'tractor fair.' Because of this description, I didn't bring any cash, which was really disappointing when I saw Sara's booth for handspun yarn. With minutes to spare before closing, I 'found' some cash (thanks, Dad!) and was able to purchase some 50%wool/50%llama handspun in 'Citrus' for some socks:

Local Hand Spun from Spiderweb Specialties

This stuff is yummy and soft and Sara is supernice. If you like her stuff, hop on over to see her.

You can see more photos of our adventures if you're interested. Highlights include 'Feature Tractor,' lots of close-up insect photos, and juxtaposed shots of Barley (aka Yuck Mouth) and Barney (my parents' dog).


Blogger Kathy said...

Is the dog's name really Yuck Mouth? Every time I read that on your blog I just crack up!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amanda! OMFG. I just read your comment about your recurring nightmare on my blog. That is so weird - I have the exact same dream on a semi-regular basis. Except the subject is either history or sociology for some reason.

Must be something common in our personalities...
ps. nice yarn!

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

i love that yarn i'll have to check her out! nothing like mom's cooking:) ummmm!


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