Oct 17, 2005

amanda needs...

A meme via Moe

Amanda needs a diaper change
Amanda needs gnutar
amanda shouldn't need X11 (but i do)
Amanda needs to be rebuilt (good thing I'm about to go on South Beach)
Amanda needs to be loved
Amanda needs nonacademic colleagues as a reality check
and it just so happens that Amanda needs a job
Amanda needs to rebuild her life.
Amanda needs a small config change (only small?)
Amanda needs her local food bank to put food on the table for herself and her daughter
Amanda needs to create a file of college work (no shit)
Amanda needs her beloved crystals that give her strength and take away her "negativity," (no shit)
Amanda needs to relax
AMANDA needs to have setup with the correct permissions
Amanda needs to be recompiled on landon
Amanda needs a serious love interest or must get involved in a serious journalistic story
Amanda needs to know the time so that she can schedule activities, know when it’s time to go to bed
Amanda needs to prove her style goes beyond quirky
Amanda needs a mom in her corner with lots of time and attention to give to her
Amanda needs to know "why?" (that's always been a need of mine...
Amanda needs to know some characteristics of the tape media
Amanda needs Vip for support and reassurance
Amanda needs to read Barbara Bush's speech to Wellesley graduates given in 1990 (I really doubt that)
Amanda needs a wise friend to tell her that this too shall pass (or 50)
Amanda needs a family who will provide her with unconditional love, permanence, security, guidance and support

and I also found this:
Detailed description of how to install and use AMANDA


Blogger DancingFish said...

I did this over the weekend for fun, my favorite:
'Jenny needs to do a 'Yahoo' search on Meteorology Scholarships'

I never knew!


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