May 15, 2006


Dear Creepy Guy at the Laundromat and His Friend:

It shouldn't take you two hours to mop one spot on the floor, even if it is under the Coke machine. And your loud talking to each other about your exciting putang-filled weekend is not very exciting. The girls in my neighborhood already have enough Baby Daddy and I just find you annoying.

Also, please stop looking into my basket when you think I am not noticing. My underthings are not that exciting.



Dear LandLordess:

I would think it was cute that you expect me to clean the apartment before you come over to show my room to a prospie if you weren't so completely delusional. You and I both know that place is a crackhouse and hasn't been cleaned since the Reagan administration.

I still expect to get my deposit back, and I have witnesses who are willing to fight on my behalf even though I will be leaving town soon.



Anonymous elisa said...

Eww, and Grrr...

Anonymous Greg said...

Ditto Eww and Grr

Blogger Ashley said...

Yeah, eew. And grr. When I was moving out of my apt in Austin my landlord did not even bother to patch up the actual rat hole made by actual rats (rats that I had to catch my own self because he would not pay for an exterminator) before he brought people in to see it, so I decided that it was perfectly appropriate not to clean (much) before I left. I got my deposit back.

Blogger Chris said...


Anonymous Ari said...

Sorry for your trouble, Amanda, but that letter to Guy in Laundromat cracks me up. Good writing! Will you please get back to Chicago already?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second the Ew. I hated and don't miss renting.

I have one...

Dear very creepy guy on a bike at the park on sunday:

You seem dangerous to children, dogs and women since you leered at them all equally. My sister agrees with me. I think you should be under house arrest for the protection of the above.

Ok. Thanks, Moe.

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

geesm! the nerve!

Blogger MeBeth said...

Blech - I hate the laundromat more than any place on earth, and I have plenty of hatred for nasty landlords too. Nasty.

Blogger Jaichan said...

and I think the guy at the laundromat may also be the aforementioned 'sandwich artist'...
Hahaha... I hope you at least got cookies.


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