May 15, 2006

A Public Service Announcement for all you gardening pet owners

I just got an email forward from a friend about the dangers of using cocoa mulch around your pets. Apparently, it's true.

Thank you for all your well wishes for my parents. Dad reads my blog and they will certainly appreciate your thoughts.


Blogger Chris said...

Thanks for the cocoa mulch info - it makes sense, now that I think about it.

Blogger Jay said...

That's so sad about Barney. I'm glad he got to come home though.

Blogger Ashley said...

Bailey ate a bag of trail mix once with m&ms in it--I took her to the vet assuming I would have to have he stomach pumped or something but the vet said that a dog her size (50ish lbs) would have to eat about a pound of chocolate to have any real problems. Which is NOT to say that it is thus ok to use this mulch. It's just to say don't panic if anybody's dog has a nibble while they're replacing it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had to dig/rake/pick up the pine bark mulch in our backyard the other weekend. Sophie LOVES to eat it. It doesn't seem to hurt her but still...we replaced it all with brick gravel since she doesn't eat rocks.

The cocoa mulch warning makes total sense.

Hostas and rhododendrons are also toxic to dogs apparently. We still have them in the backyard however, since she has shown no interest in them...


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