Jun 5, 2006

The 411

Ouch. Sorry I've been so out of touch - it's ironic that, when one has the most to say, life is moving at such a fast pace that it's difficult to take the time to really put down. I have over 150 unread Bloglines and I expect that it will take me until next weekend to finally catch up with all your lives.

I finally arrived home a day late and a dollar short. Moving is so very painful for me and I just couldn't get out the day I wanted to. I stopped off in western NY to pick Barley up - he'd been staying with his 'grandparents' since before my brother's wedding.

We had our first party when my parents came to town the next afternoon.
Summer Party

We went to our community garden plot.
Garden Plot I
Hmmm. 'Nuff said about that right now. Soon I'll post some photos of the results of the work Rock Star and I did this weekend on it - it's already looking muchmuch better.

Since then, I've been eating lots of good food...

... taking naps in the sun with Teak...
Window Nap

... and waiting on flowers to bloom.

And then I was reminded that my body likes to get sick when I finally relax.

In the meantime, Rock Star gave me a birthday gift! Her name is June and here she is on her ride home, all shiny and new:

This is how happy I was, even though I was sick:
Happy but Sick Girl

I took her to the garden plot on her maiden voyage.
Let's Go!

Thanks, Rock Star! I love her!

The following posts will showcase two of my other favorite birthday gifts - one from a dear pre-blog friend and the other from a new friend that I've met through this great forum. For now, I should get to work blow my nose.


Blogger Chris said...

I'm glad you're home, even if you are sick. Looks like you're having a wonderful time getting settled in. And your bike is great!

Blogger amandamonkey said...

Yeah, June is great - all the 10-year-old girls in the neighborhood are SO JEALOUS.

Blogger jennysbelly said...

I love the bike! Home looks much better than PA!

Anonymous elisa said...

Ah, welcome HOME Amanda!

Blogger carrie said...

you look like you're having such a blast. get better!

Anonymous Greg P said...

Yay for Chicago!

(I'm in DC and also enjoying it)

Blogger janna said...

Hurray for being home! I'm so jealous.... June is beautiful, and so it Teak!

Blogger Dani said...

Love the new bike! So glad you are all moved in and have had a chance to relax :) -Dani

Anonymous sweetbasil said...

Amanda. Every photo looks so nice. I love the photo of your garden party - the garden looks great and your parents and other people look happy and relaxed. The community plot looks a bit challenging, but it will be as much rewarding, I am sure. Glad to see the photo of Teak, and June is lovely! Even though I have a pretty new bike for myself, I am jealous. :) Hope you feel better. Good food and being home will help you recover soon.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

June is awesome - exactly what I would have picked out.

How's Barley doing?

Blogger RheLynn said...

Teak is so fluffy and happy looking in the window! Great bike too! Is June a 10, 3 or 1 speed bike?

Your smile looks really great for being sick - a day that wonderful is rare ;o) Best to you - get well soon!

Blogger Steph said...

What a great bike!!!!! That style is really popular in Jasper, AB. I saw about 25 of them in the town.

(hey, is that a Honda Element? If so, you've got the vehicle that Mr. Happy wants!!!!)


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