May 18, 2006


One week from today I will be moving - permanently - into our place in Chicago. At that point in time I will be aged 32 years, 1 week.

Rock Star doesn't appreciate the Mona Lisa. You may remember her guest appearance from last fall, but here she is again in all her glory*:
Mona Lisa
Because Rock Star and I have agreed to decorate the place together and iterate on a style that works for us - instead of me and him - she needs to go (let's all sigh a collective 'boo!' - just kidding, Baby. ... Mostly).

Also, the retro Hawaiin theme isn't going to work in our new old place. That's why I'm sell ing my stuff.**

Besides, I don't want to carry any more down the stairs than I have to.

* Please excuse her tired-looking appearance. It was early in the morning and she hadn't had any caffeine yet.
** I'm only posting this here in case someone local really likes something. I know it's doubtful that anyone would want my old stuff! but if you're interested and you're near the Lehigh Valley I'm happy to give you a cut-rate deal.

PS - I know I talk all the time about my place being dirty and gross and a crackhouse. It is. But this stuff lived most of its life in the house I just sold or the apartment I had with Rock Star, both of which usually smelled nice. And I *did* clean my room before I moved into the apartment. I mopped and everything.


Blogger jennysbelly said...

There goes my knitting ally (who I've never met) in the Lehigh Valley!

Blogger LotusKnits said...

Happy Birthday! Good luck with the new place, I know how much moving sucks.

And so sorry to read about your dog.

Blogger Chris said...

Happy Birthday!!! I didn't realize that you were moving so soon - yay!!!!

Blogger Ashley said...

WOOT! I meant to ask you yesterday in email when "mid-May" was, but I forgot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Blogger janna said...

Happy Birthday! And good luck on the move!

Anonymous sweetbasil said...

Happy Birthday Amanda! I sent you something and it should arrive in Chicago today or tomorrow. Good luck with the move!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday lady!!

Blogger carrie said...

happy happy birthday! lots of luck with the cleaning and moving. very exciting!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday! I'm so excited for you that you are moving so soon! 6 more sleeps...

That's too bad you have to turf Mona.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, I wish I was local! I would love your tv table and your red cabinet on wheels.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Belated I'm sure... I am working on your package!

Your secret dye-o-rama pal.

Blogger RheLynn said...

Good luck on your move (Chicago wow!) - and so sad about the Mona Lisa.

Happy birthday too! Another Gemini!? ;o)


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