Aug 22, 2006

I love Ashley.

You never would've guessed it, though, based on my silence on this-here blog (Ashley! Please forgive me for waiting SO LONG to post about your awesome visit!).

A couple of weeks ago, Ashley was in town and was generous enough to stop by the North Shore to see ME!

As she so eloquently said, it was SO GREAT to meet a true blue blog friend and make her a real-live friend. I was a little nervous before she came, but y'all, she is even more beautiful and creative and fun and everything than on her blog and it felt totally normal after only 5 minutes! Strangely, neither one of us took many pictures, but here is a fun one of her photographing a mitt and an Izze in my backyard:


Something you may not glean from her site is that she is also very sneaky. She left these little gifts from The Spice House and Paper Source in my bathroom right before she left. They were purchased right in front of me, that's how sneaky she is!

The lavendar sugar is delish on buttered toast.

Thanks again, Ashley! I can't wait to see you again!

BTW, if you haven't already, go over and wish her a belated Happy Birthday and check out her latest, most marvelous projects (Hey, Ashley, you should join the Flickr Amy Butler Group and post those big beauties).

Bloglines tells me I have over 500 unread blogs. So, could each and every one of you stop writing for the next, oh, month or so while I catch up? Pretty please?


Blogger Ashley said...

Damn, I am HOTT in that picture!

Yay visit :)


Blogger Chris said...

Yay, sneaky Ashley - way to go!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I posted in Ashley' blog after her visit with you: SO JEALOUS.

You both are always welcome in Canada, specifically Halifax. Just don't try to bring produce over - our border guards hate that.

As for posting - no problem, I tend to only post about once a week lately. You will have no problem catching up.

Blogger janna said...

You can skip most of my recent posts, unless you want to see pictures of central Illinois and the Illinois State Fair!

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

wow! that was so great to meet a blogging friend! i really enjoy reading her blog. that was very sneaky what she did ;) and very kind too....


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