Sep 18, 2006

Letters to my FSS and also to my Loyal Readers and Blog Friends

Dear FSS Pal,

Almost a month ago, you wrote:
I have a question... Why is it Amanda MONKEY? Do you like monkeys?
And, for your scarf... how long is long? 7ft? 8? more? I'm short, so 7' is long on me...
Also, I picked a yarn for your scarf yesterday! I might pick another to go with it... or 17 more, I'm not sayin'. =)
One more question: What other crafts do you do, if any? Thanks!!!

The short answer to the first question is yes, I DO like monkeys! I also like the idea of monkeywrenching.

Long to me is anything 7' or longer. I love scarves. I have tiny, wee scarves that I clip on my neck with a brooch and very very long scarves that I snake around my neck a hundred times. Anything in between will be so gratefully received. ...and I am so excited you're excited!

As far as other crafts go, I sew and embroider.

Love, amandamonkey

Dear Regular Blog Friends and Loyal Readers,

I miss you! Sorry for the unplanned absence. There has been a lot going on - though I feel like I have to confirm that I am NOT pregnant. So many people in Blogland seem to be expecting that I don't want you getting any wild ideas!

There has been dissertating and interviewing and more dissertating and some funky scarf planning. The bird beads I got at the International Gem and Jewelry Show a few weeks ago are a hint.

Unfortunately, the Tiki needles I bought from the Kiku booth at the Renegade Craft Fair yesterday are too large to use for this project. :-(

I hope you are well. ...and I hope to be more blog-active in a month, maybe less.

Love, amandamonkey