Nov 12, 2006

Chronicle of a Day That Began With Too Little Clothing, or, 'They are totally gonna put you in Blog Pokey for this'

Boats on the Horizon

I have been a bad, bad blogger and a very inconsiderate swap pal - I'll admit that up front. Desirée, I am so very sorry it has taken so long to post about the very beautiful and much-loved Funky Scarf you sent me.

I decided to go to one of my favorite places to showcase this hairpin lace masterpiece - Evanston's Dog Beach. It turned out to be the perfect place to illuminate the subtle blues in the lace, to honor Desirée's animal-lovingness, and (I know she doesn't appreciate this, but) because in a very good way the scarf reminds me of the desolation of fish corpses lying on the beach.


Here it is super-closeup in the car...
Funky Scarf Zoom

...highlighting the very soft white edges...
Funky Scarf Detail I

...and against the backdrop of my dry and crusty hands.
Funky Scarf Detail II

Finally, here's an action shot of all 10 feet (!) of the blue and white beauty wrapped around my chilly neck.
Funky Scarf Action Shot

Do you love it? Desirée has more details and photos on her site (scroll down through the archive).

Thank you, Desirée!!!

We wanted to use my new (loaner) gadget so we used it to go to one of my favorite places to eat, the Heartland Cafe in Rogers Park.


The seitan quesadillas were YUM! and a perfect warm meal to eat after our cold photo shoot at the lake.

Fun with Seitan at the Heartland Cafe

I have a lot more posts stuck in my head and a lot more catching up to do, but for now I leave you with a self-portrait, a notice that I made another version of the 7 Songbird Scarf to sell on my Etsy store, and a promise to showcase more yarny love soon.

Self Portrait