Mar 2, 2008

Mid-Winter Gocco Swap Collage O' Fun!

Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff winged its way to me in February, thanks to some very talented and generous Gocco-ers who were part of the Mid-Winter Gocco Swap. I was more excited about this than I was about the pen pals I had in elementary school, and for good reason:

Mid-Winter Gocco Swap Collage
(from upper left): 1. From the UK, Beth sent a very happy, innocent image of a girl in the snow and some delicious tea (also, Beth? *love* the notebook).
2. Wendy sent lovely recipe cards from Florida. Now I have to decide if anyone's worth of them...
3. From Massachusetts, Kristen sent a beautifully, custom packaged print that really cheered me.
4. Laurie's early Massachusetts flowers were beautiful and reminded me that Spring really is just around the corner.
5. I love-love-love Sarah's image of little bird feet in the snow, sent from Minnesota.
6. Briana from Arkansas sent many lovely images, but this red bird was my favorite.
7. From North Carolina, JoJo sent the most cuddly image of a robot I could've ever imagined.
8. Jennifer from Kansas sent a anatomically correct image of a heart, reminding us that "when it's cold, we draw inward."
9. From New Zealand, Charlotte send a printed and stitched (!) image of little clothes.
10. Last but not least, Erin sent sepia-colored, embossed images of a pagoda (was that photo taken in your homestate of Maryland, Erin?).

Thanks, Ladies! I LOVED receiving these little goodies these past few days. And, Sarah, thank YOU so much for organizing this!

Happy Winter, Sad Winter

Last month, I participated in Sarah's very brilliant Mid-Winter Gocco Swap.

Happy Winter

This inspiration for my contribution was a lonely scene from a park near my house, an empty playground that has been covered in snow since late January. It's printed on two different cards. The first is a gravely gray that gives the image a melancholy feel and the second is a pool blue that reflects happier winter days when the sun shows itself.

Sad Winter

I hope my swap pals enjoy them as much as I enjoyed receiving their packages!