Nov 28, 2007

In which my family does not prefer green vegetables


Rock Star and I packed up the monkey house and headed south for Thanksgiving.

Barley, of course, was all about the turkey...


...but my aunt and uncle were having none of it and did an excellent job implementing the Turkey Block.

Fortunately for him, though, Bad Grandma was there and she knew she would be allowed to break the rules without consequence.


Despite being surrounded by fowl and loads of dishes with cheese and/or sour cream as a main ingredient, Teak was happy sleeping the days away in his favorite chair at Mom and Dad's place.


Rock Star and I kicked my brother and his wife's YOU-KNOW-WHATS in Euchre (yes, Nick, I get to tell the story as I want to since this is my blog!) and enjoyed the sunset.


I hope your holiday was equally loving, peaceful, and nutritious.