Jun 29, 2005

(Johnny) Cash Bag (~03.2005)

A few months ago I ordered a DIY embroidery kit from Adrien Lucas of Tuff Betty Bags. She sends you a mug shot of your favorite celebrity on a template to stitch - so fun I did it all in an obsessed weekend.

Here's my Johnny Cash:

Cash Bag detail

Just ignore the stray threads at the bottom... I was too excited to clip them before I snapped the shot. I bought some black leather shorts at the thrift store to make the bag and lined it with the fabric that Adrien provided. Nothin' but the best for the Man in Black.

Oh, and check out my new business venture, Guerrilla Stitcher. I'll be selling knitting and embroidery patterns there as well as gear for stitchers to show their pride!

you must. be. kidding.

jungle pic

Above is a jungle shot of some slipcovers I made for my BF out of Waverly Country Club Stripe in crimson. Turns out a potential buyer for his condo met the price we needed to get - on the condition that we throw in the sofas. How crazy is it that some old 70s sofas with a facelift could sell a condo in Boston? We're psyched.

Jun 28, 2005

Arts & Crafts pillow - complete!

Finally I have finished the pillow for my future in-laws, who love Arts & Crafts style:


It's hand-embroidered on silk with cotton DMC floss. I used a Vogue pattern transfer that I bought a couple of years ago. I warn you, if you want to do this, you have to trace the pattern on the silk yourself because the ink transfers right through the fabric when you iron it.

The stiches I used are simple satin, chain, and padded satin stitch. Here's a detail:


Stay tuned to see if I can finish some linen napkins for them for Christmas.....